Do Pulled Out Hair Follicles Grow Back?

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The way on how you pull it

Your body has its own mechanism to repair and restore hair follicle damage. But unfortunately, it can take some time and this can vary from person to person.

Having 1 to 2 times pulled hair from the same follicle may be no problem. But if it occurs too often (chronic), this can be potential to cause permanent follicle damage!

As noted before, a permanent hair loss can be one of complications derived from trichotillomania. In other words, the duration and intensity of how you pull the same hair follicles have an effect on the prognosis.

Where does it come from?

If the pulled-out hair follicle comes from the non-prone hair loss sites such as mustache and beard, typically the prognosis is better when it comes from the hair-loss-prone sites. In fact, men with baldness can still have lots of hair in their mustache or beard.

In men, hairline is the common site of the scalp for abnormal hair loss can occur. In men with pattern hair loss problem (baldness), receding hairline often become the onset symptom. However in general, the hairs on the scalp of the head can be vulnerable to fall out.

If the whole follicle pulled out!

A pulled-out hair with partially follicle still has a good prognosis to grow back.

But when it is pulled with the whole follicle (typically it comes out with a ‘red’ tip), it has a poor prognosis to regrow because typically it can be followed with permanent damage [3].

Other possible factors

The age may also have an effect. In older adult, the amount of hair follicles that goes into the resting phase is higher than in younger adults.

Moreover, re-check your diet! Most of your hair is made by Keratin (a kind of protein). This means that the regrowth of your hair is also closely associated with foods that you eat. Visit this section for other essential nutrients for your hair growth.

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