Do Sleeping, Sweating, and Smoking Help Lose Weight?

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Is there any effect of smoking to your metabolism?

Cigarette smoking might boost and activate the metabolism of the body. For instance, if you spend about of a pack of cigarette per day, you would be able to burn about 250 calories.


Therefore, if you are a smoker and then you stop smoking, it would affect your metabolism temporarily.

As a result you’re at greater chance of weight gain since there are now extra calories that you have to deal with due to your decreased metabolic rate.

So, what is the conclusion? Should you use cigarette smoking for weight loss?

Though smoking might help burn calories, experts do agree that it is bad choice. The health risk of smoking is the major concern.

As well we know, smoking is often associated with many medical health conditions particularly such as heart disease, cancer, lung disease, and many more.

So, there are more disadvantages than advantages if you include smoking into your weight loss program.

Moreover once you try smoking, there is a chance for you to become addicted – and in fact it’s very hard to stop smoking.


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