Do You Get Acne While Pregnant – More FAQs?

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Acne is commonly often associated with the imbalance of hormones. That’s why many women can get it while pregnant or days prior to their menstruation. Here are FAQs about acne flare-ups during pregnancy!

Is it normal to have acne while pregnant?

The exact cause of acne is probably not fully understood yet, but we all agree that it has to do with hormones. And pregnancy can significantly affect the imbalance of your hormones, making acne flare-ups more likely.

Pregnancy may have an effect to increase the production of sebum (oil) which plays a role to help maintain skin hydration, pH, and elasticity of the skin [reference].

And this excessive oil production would provoke clogged opening pores on the skin. As a result, you’re at greater chance to have breakouts.

See also, the link between oily skin and pimples!

Can pimples be a sign of early pregnancy?

Again, it’s normal to have pimples during pregnancy. Even about more than 50 percent of all women with pregnancy experience the flare-ups of acne.

Does acne can be used for a sign of early pregnancy? The answer may vary from woman to woman, since not all pregnant women will have it during pregnancy.

But in general, experiencing the flare-up while you are trying to get pregnant could be a vogue symptom of your conception.

If you do have pregnancy, the flare-up may occur in the early days /weeks after you get your conception — because once you conceived, your body will respond this by triggering the increased production of pregnancy hormones.

Again, remember that acne flare-up is not a specific symptom of pregnancy. But if it comes with common pregnancy symptoms, do a pregnancy test for accurate diagnosis!

Factors that increase your chance of getting acne with pregnancy

Besides hormonal fluctuation, you’re likely to get acne while pregnant if you:

  1. Have a personal history of developing pimples in the first trimester of your previous pregnancy.
  2. Have a history of pimples that flare up at the days during or prior to your menstruation.
  3. A family history of acne during pregnancy. If your mother has a history of getting acne flare-ups in her pregnancy, this may also affect your chance of having the same condition.
  4. Take certain medications that can provoke pimples.
  5. Poor skin care – see also how to wash your face properly to reduce your chance of having acne!
  6. Etc.

However, acne flare-up is a complex process and can be attributed by lots of things. Even if you don’t have any risk factor mentioned above – there is still a chance for you to develop breakouts during pregnancy.

Does acne during pregnancy mean boy or girl?

This is only a myth. There is still no any scientific evidence to confirm the link between acne flare-up during pregnancy and the chance of having boy or girl.

However if you still in-doubt with this issue, consult more with your GP /doctor for more detailed information!

How to get rid of acne during pregnancy?

Acne is harmless but sometimes it could be very bothersome. How to get rid of it?

A quick healing without causing scar left from acne is not the single goal you need to concern. The most important is how to choose treatment that is also safe for both you and your pregnancy.

What are the options of your home remedies?

The following are a few home remedies to help ease your acne flare-up:

  1. Take a shower effectively, don’t over washing!
  2. Choose the right cleanser! Depending on the type of your skin — alcohol-free /oil-free /non-abrasive/ gentle cleanser is commonly recommended.
  3. Your hands and fingers are the best choice to apply any skincare products, much better than using sponge or washcloth when you wash your body.
  4. For best result, use lukewarm water to rinse your skin after washing. Avoid hot water because it may irritate your skin! Allow your skin to dry naturally – or if you are in a hurry, gently pat dry (don’t rub the skin). Then use moisturizer to help maintain the balance of your skin hydration!
  5. Don’t ever pop your pimple deliberately! Popping pimple doesn’t help at all – instead, it can be counterproductive.

Also, eating right is a must which is not only important for your skin health but also crucial for your pregnancy!

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