Do You Get Acne While Pregnant – More FAQs?

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What are the options when home remedies don’t work?

If the problem doesn’t respond with home remedies and even it gets worse, you may need to ask the appropriate prescription treatments from your doctor.

There are several options that will be prescribed by your doctor. These may include topical treatment with erythromycin or over-the-counter medication with glycolic acid / benzoyl peroxide.

There is only about 5 percent of these topical prescription products applied to the skin that penetrate or is absorbed into the body. For this reason, they are thought will be safe enough for pregnant women.

However, most of these topical medications are still not adequately studied and scientifically confirmed will be safe for pregnant women. Therefore, make sure to discuss with your doctor before taking any medication for acne breakouts during pregnancy!

Types of treatments you should avoid during pregnancy for acne!

While the use of some acne topical medications for pregnant women is still debatable, doctors and experts have confirmed some treatments that can harm pregnancy. These include:

  1. Some medicines belong to groups of topical retinoids, oral tetracycyclines, and hormone therapy. These kinds of medications can be potential to cause birth defects.
  2. Isotretinoin! This medicine is usually prescribed orally to help treat and improve acne. It is pretty common used to treat severe pimples. But it is too dangerous when used during pregnancy because it can affect the health and growth of fetus. Nevertheless, sometime doctors may still prescribe it for pregnant women for certain condition – but they have to enroll in a special plan to prevent the risk of birth defects or other conditions that can harm both mother and her baby.

The article published on this post is only purposed for general information and not intended to replace any doctor’s advice. For in-depth information about medicines for acne while you are being pregnant, consult more with your doctor!

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