Does Acne Go Away with Age in Men and Women?

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The statics below can explain that there is always a chance for acne to occur at any age (these statistics are based on a survey released by the University of Alabama-Birmingham) – acne still found:

  1. In the age range of 20s – about 42.5 percent in men and 50.9 percent in women. This suggests that the episodes of acne are still pretty common in 20s.
  2. In the age range of 30s – about 20.1 percent in men and 35.2 percent in women.
  3. In the 40s – about 12 percent of them are men and 26.3 percent of them are women.

Even there is still a chance of developing pimples in elderly people. According to this survey, about 7.3 percents of participants (men) and 15.3 percent of participants (women) reported noticing acne in their 50s.

For these explanations, we can conclude that the risk of developing acne decrease as we age. And women are more likely to have more episodes of acne than men, this is reasonable since women have more fluctuations of hormones in their life.


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