Does Apple Cider Vinegar Work for Eczema?

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In general, the symptoms of eczema may be not harmful, and typically the problem will not lead to a serious health condition. But it can be very bothersome, even many times it causes low self-esteem and confidence. However, the problem can be managed in most cases. How about with apple cider vinegar – does it help for people with this chronic skin disorder?

What is eczema?

Typically, it can be chronic that will comes periodically and then subside. It is one of common chronic skin disorders. There is currently no cure for the problem. But it is controllable condition, as noted before.

Generally, it is often characterized by itchy, thick, and scaly rashes. Since it affects the skin, the symptoms can be visible and therefore many times it embarrasses sufferer.

Does it run in families? The answer may be still unclear, but atopic dermatitis (the most common type of eczema) is often found in people who have a family history of the same problem or other atopic conditions such as hay fever.

The exact cause of this skin problem is also not clear yet. Experts theorize that it may occur due to the combination of different causes such as the over-reactive immune respond, environmental factors, and genetics.

Apple cider vinegar – what actually is it?

Actually, the word ‘vinegar’ is generated from French phrase, meaning sour wine. There are many fermentation products, and vinegar is one of them.

In the mechanism of fermentation in making vinegar, sugars (derived from food that will be fermented) are broken down by yeast and bacteria. Sugars are fermented and converted into alcohol. In the next stage of fermentation, it then eventually will become a substance what we call as vinegar.

How about with apple cider vinegar? Well… while most vinegar can be processed and fermented from many vegetables, fruits, grains, or other all sorts of things – it is only processed from pulverized apples.

It is rich in acetic acid. Some mineral salts, vitamins, or other acids such as amino acids also can be found in it.

Apple cider vinegar and eczema

Currently, the use of it to help treat eczema is an unproven treatment. For this reason, there is also no clearly guideline (official recommendation) of how to use it specifically for eczema treatment. In general, it is used with topical option.

However, some eczema sufferers find that it is helpful to manage the problem. The effect may vary from person to person.

A testimonial published in the official site of the National Eczema Association, a sufferer found that taking a warm bath with apple cider vinegar does help improve and manage the problem. Unfortunately, there is still no scientific evidence backing it up.

image_illustration128So if apple cider vinegar does have an effect in helping to improve and manage eczema, the mechanism of how it works is still not fully understood. For best advice, consult more with your doctor /dermatologist!

There are some opinions about how it works. Some experts think that it can help moisturize the skin. And as well we know, it’s important for all eczema sufferers to moisturize their skin with emollient (non-cosmetic moisturizer), because dry skin can be a starting point for the problem to flare up.

The proven alternative therapies for eczema you should know!

While the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar may be still debatable, there are other alternative therapies that are approved. The following are some facts of these therapies!


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