Does Apple Cider Vinegar Work for Eczema?

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Behavior adjustment along with topical treatment

This technique is intended to help eczema sufferer change any bad habit that can worsen the problem. And this modification should go together with the treatment plan recommended /prescribed by your doctor /dermatologist.


One of approval behavior adjustment techniques for atopic dermatitis (the common eczema type) is the combined approach. It is used mostly in U.K. It can help sufferer to learn the effective techniques in dealing with the urge of scratching. A qualified & professional healthcare can help you learn it.

Emotional support

Eczema can diminish the quality of life of sufferer. As mentioned before, many times it can cause low self-esteem. For this reason, many experts say that emotional support can be so essential in the treatment plan.

This approach can be a family support or involved in some activities such as joining into a support group, conference, or even a camp.

Managing stress

Stress is psychological problem. However it can affect your body physically – including your skin. Even some eczema sufferers find that stress can worsen the problem or can be a trigger of the flare-up.

And it’s clear that managing stress is one of essential parts for the treatment plan. But you need to know that there are also some stress-reduction techniques that may become counterproductive.

Therefore, it’s recommended to discuss first with your doctor before trying any stress-reduction therapy /technique! For instance, a massage therapy may become counterproductive if you do it improperly. If you also have diabetes, a biofeedback therapy can affect your insulin requirement.


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