Does Blood Sugar Rise When You Have Cold?

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  1. Try eating chicken soup to help soothe and loosen your congestion.
  2. When you get sick, your body is fully concentrated to get rid of the problem. You can help this by getting enough rest and sleep.
  3. Try a saltwater gargle to soothe your throat. Just dissolve a half or a quarter teaspoon of salt into 4 or 8 ounces of warm water. Then gargle the solution for a while and slip out, don’t swallow it!
  4. If necessary, use OTC saline nasal drops to help ease your nasal congestion!
  5. Check also the temperature and humidity level of your room – If necessary adjust the levels to boost quick recovery. Dry air and overheated room would inhibit your recovery!

It’s also worth a try to implement the following tips and commonsense precautions to reduce your risk of getting the next cold:

  1. Keep your hands clean, especially after using the toilet. Use soap and water to wash your hands thoroughly.
  2. Keep your environment clean from the common cold viruses, especially areas of your house where they’re found more likely such as kitchen and toilet. Clean these areas regularly, use disinfectant (if necessary)!
  3. Protect yourself, cough and sneeze into clean tissues. And wash your hands afterwards!
  4. Steer clear of the common cold viruses by avoiding close contact with someone else with cold!
  5. Use drinking glasses, towel, or other utensils on your own – don’t share with others!

Take care of yourself and adopt healthy habits in your daily routine. Stay in your diabetes treatment plan, eat well, get enough physical activity, and manage your stress as well!


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