Does Cinnamon and Honey Work for Weight Loss?

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Honey has been used by many people all around the world as a medical remedy for various different health conditions such as wounds, gastrointestinal diseases, skin ailments, etc.

How about the role of honey for weight loss?

First things first, you need to completely understand that there is no magic food to lose weight at short time, particularly true if you only rely on the diet alone without exercise. Because you need to burn greater calories than your calories intake if you want to lose your weigh fast!

So, does honey help you to reach the goal of restoring your weight?

In general, there is no any scientific evidence to evince the effectiveness of honey for weight loss. Even if you consume it too much, it could be counterproductive since it is also rich in calories – as noted before.

But the use of honey with some herbs such as cinnamon ‘in appropriate dosage’ might help lose weight. However, more studies are required to find the clearly answer about this!


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