Does Dehydration Cause Wrinkled Skin?

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  1. Use hot water in moderation, so skip a long bathtub or hot shower! Prolonged contact to hot water is bad, making your skin drying out.
  2. Hydrate more with moisturizer. Put on moisturizer right away after taking a shower or a bath, while the skin is still damp!
  3. It’d be better to use a gentle cleanser than face wash. If you have dry skin, avoid skin products that provoke the problem – some of the main culprits include products high in fragrance and alcohol!
  4. Retinoids and alpha hydroxy acids are commonly used in anti-wrinkle products. But they can also dry out the skin. So use these carefully, (if necessary) consider seeing a dermatologist for prescription!
  5. Sometimes your sleep position matters. Sleeping on your side, for example, may cause sleep wrinkles more likely.
  6. Dry skin usually gets worse during cold days of winter. In such case, a humidifier would help.

Keep alert to early signs of dehydration, dark-yellow urine is the most common one. This simple skin test may also help; pinch up the skin on the back of your hand and release, if the skin snaps back in less than a couple seconds, you’re likely hydrated!

What’s more?

Along with drinking plenty of water throughout the day, do also these lifestyle measures to help carry the most of your skin’s appearance:

  1. Use sunscreen with SPF of at least 30 when outdoors, recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology. Remember, exposure to UV radiation is one of the main culprits for wrinkling, so protect the skin from the sun!
  2. Cut out alcohol, so does cigarette smoking. Over time, both alcohol and tobacco smoke would take a serious toll of your skin firmness.
  3. Have adequate sleep and rest! A bad sleep at night would seriously mess with your skin health.
  4. Control and reduce your stress! Chronic, uncontrolled stress might factor into extra wrinkles.
  5. Do exercise regularly and have a healthy-balanced diet! Exercise is a good way to improve blood flow to the skin cells. Eating right is required so your skin gets sufficient essential nutrients to keep healthy.

Fine lines and wrinkles are probably inevitable with age. But there are also many ways to slow this process. For more guidance, especially if your skin is very dry, see your dermatologist!


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