Does Depression Make You Sleepy?

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There is also a neurological condition called RLS (restless legs syndrome) that also pretty common associated with depression. RLS can lead to sleep problems and discomfort /problems in the legs. About almost a half of patients with RLS report that they also experience some symptoms that point the presence of depression – according to a RLS Foundation.

Insomnia and excessive sleepiness in teen depression

As the name suggests, teen depression is depression that occurs in the adolescents or teenagers. In fact, many depressed teens experience excessive sleepiness (hypersomnia) or insomnia (lack of sleep problem, about almost 70 percent of depressed teens may don’t have adequate sleep at night) or even both (alternating insomnia and hypersomnia) – according to the National Sleep Foundation.

Moreover, depressed teens who suffer from both sleep disorders are also more likely to get longer-lasting and severe depression. They also tend to have anhedonia (lack of ability to feel pleasure), impaired movement, and weight changes (especially weight loss – see also the link between depression and weight loss).

In many cases, living with depression is not easy. It doesn’t always about mood changes, sometime it is also associated with the risk of some serious health conditions (like heart disease). If you have any symptoms of this mood disorder, see your doctor promptly for appropriate treatment and more advice!

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