Does Eating Celery Really Help Burn Calories?

There is no any magic food that can provide a significant weight loss result at short time, including for celery! However, there are a lot of opinions say that celery can help burn calories. Does this idea really work or only a myth? Whatever the answer of this question, you should not only rely on this food to lose or restore your healthy weight. Losing weight is not only about a specific food you need to avoid or eat more. But it is actually about the unity of applying healthy habits and lifestyles (including a well-balanced diet, sleeping well, and regular exercise), particularly if you are looking for permanent result of having ideal weight in long term!

Do you lose calories when you eat celery?

Yes, you do. In fact, many online resources and books praise celery as one of good choices for a negative caloric food – even some experts believe that it may burn more calories than we expect.

The calorie of the celery itself may be ignored, since some evidences show that it may burn more calories than it has. Therefore, it is also often called as a negative caloric super food.

However in general, eating it too much is also not too good, especially if you haven’t had diet high in fiber before. It’s much better to eat celery moderately in long term.

If you are an individual who have diet low in fiber, don’t jump directly to increase your fiber drastically – otherwise you may experience some digestive problems, particularly such as diarrhea. Increase your fiber gradually day by day until you reach the minimum level of your fiber intake per day!

Regardless to its effectiveness in helping you to burn more calories, it is also pretty high in fiber! And we know well that fiber plays a key role in losing weight. Eating plenty of fiber from each meal of your diet can help make you feel full longer which then eventually will help suppress your appetite.

How many calories do you burn while chewing or eating celery?

Although celery is high in fiber, you need to know that it also contain some calories. About one 7.5 – 8 inch stalk of this kind of vegetable contains 6 calories, 1.4 gram of carbohydrates, 104 milligram of potassium, and 16 mg of Ca (calcium). Furthermore, it is free of cholesterol and only contains about 0.1 gram of fat (very low in fat).

This means, though the link between celery and weight loss is not your concern, celery still provide a lot of essential nutrients for your body!

As mentioned before, though celery itself contains calories, fortunately it is categorized into a group of negative calorie foods. This means that this kind of vegetable can provide negative caloric balance – your body will burn greater calories to digest celery than the calories received from the food.

celery_and_weight_loss_illustrationIn other words, the caloric content of celery is lower than the calories for the thermic effect (calories ‘energy’ needed to digest the food). The energy of thermic effect needed to digest celery (from chewing, swallowing, digesting, to eliminating it) is around fifteen percent of its caloric value.

For instance, if we eat two stalks of celery that have a total of 12 calories, our body will burn about almost two of those 12 calories processing the food. However, this calculation may vary from person to person – depending on the metabolic rate, lifestyles, and other factors of each individual.

Nevertheless, this explanation doesn’t mean you are allowed to eat celery too over! Some experts say that excessive consumption of celery may be counterproductive for your weight loss goal or even maybe bad for your health.

Therefore again, eat it in moderation along with other appropriate weight-loss strategies! You might also like to read about the effectiveness of spicy food for weight loss!

What are other celery nutritional benefits?

Weight loss is not the single issue associated with celery. Like other vegetables, it also can provide other health benefits.

Helpful to protect you from free radicals

As well we know that when it comes to fighting free radicals with foods that you eat, then antioxidants are commonly the most important essential nutrient you need to concern. There are a lot of kinds and types of foods high in antioxidants, and celery is one of them.

Why you need to protect your body from free radicals? Free radicals are one of the keys where cancer will develop. They can damage the healthy cells of the body and cause DNA damage. Over time, this damage can put you at high risk of developing cancer and other serious diseases.

High in vitamin K

Like in many kinds of fruits and vegetables, celery is also good source of vitamin K.

This kind of vitamin plays key role for blood clotting. If the body doesn’t have blood clotting mechanism, you are easier to lose your blood when you get a wound, lesion, or even a small cut on a nail.

Helpful to reduce the risk of colon cancer

Getting plenty of fiber is important for your digestive system, including for colon (large intestine). And as written before, celery is also great source of fiber.

Fiver is not only helpful to make you feel full and suppress appetite but also great to promote better health for your colon. In fact, people who eat plenty of fiber in their diet are more likely to have lower risk of colon cancer, according to a study published on the European Journal for Cancer Prevention in 2011.

Great for your heart!

Fiber from celery also can help improve the blood flow and promote good health for your heart.

Eating plenty of fiber from a well-balanced diet in long term is associated with lower risk of heart disease, according to a research published in the Achieves of Internal Medicine.

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