Does Eating Celery Really Help Burn Calories?

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To reduce menstrual cramps

According to Mayo Clinic, there are some clinical studies showed that celery may also help improve the pain or discomfort due to menstruation.


These studies also showed that women with high-fiber diet tend to have less pain and discomfort before and during menstruation.

Are there any side effects of eating celery?

It is pretty safe if consumed in food amounts — also (in general) would be safe for most people in medical amounts.

But for women with breastfeeding and pregnant women, celery (particularly for its seeds and oil) are probably unsafe!

If you have kidney problems or are going to a scheduled surgery, celery is not recommended because it may cause inflammation or affect your central nervous system.

In such cases, it’s much better to discuss first with a doctor to keep safe!

Side effects are not common, these may include allergic reaction or mild inflammation. These are probably likely to occur in people who have allergy to certain plants such as dandelion, carrot, or birch.


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