Does Eczema Get Worse In The Sun?

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Furthermore, there are also some medicines that can make the problem get worse. The use of certain antibiotics and antihistamines can make the skin become more sensitive in the sun. If you are taking these medicines to treat your eczema, talk with your doctor first before planning to spend time in the sun.


What is your best option?

The increasing ultraviolet exposure also can increase the temperature. And in fact, many eczema sufferers find that heat can be a trigger factor of the flare-ups, as noted before.

Therefore, whatever your own experience (whether your eczema gets worse or improve with the sun exposure), it’s clear that your skin needs appropriate protection from the bad effect of sun’s rays.

Whatever the kind of your eczema, it’s important to make sure that your skin doesn’t get too much sun exposure. Use the appropriate sunscreens that meet to your skin needs when you have an outdoor activity for long hours, particularly for exposed skin!

What is the safe and best sunscreen you should use? The answer can vary – while some eczema sufferers feel better with chemical sunscreens, others prefer to choose and use mineral base sunscreens (such as titanium dioxide) or combination products.

Whatever your choice, read the ingredients carefully! And remember that using sunscreen doesn’t mean that you can spend unlimited time for outdoor activities in the sun. Even though your eczema improves with sun exposure, you still need to ensure that you get the exposure moderately!

Moreover, when applying any lotion /cream on your skin, make sure to apply it gently. Rubbing too hard when applying lotion /cream can be potential to set off itching.

In addition, prioritize to use clothing made from linen and cotton! These materials can help control the temperature on your skin and keep your body cool.

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