Does Gestational Diabetes Cause Weight Gain Problem?

While having excessive pounds of weight (BMI over 30) before pregnancy can increase your risk of developing GD or gestational diabetes, does this metabolic health condition also cause weight gain problem? The answer is not always easy since experiencing weight gain is a normal part of pregnancy process. But overall, GD doesn’t generate any symptoms at early stage. Even most pregnant women know that they have GD after  taking glucose tolerance test (a common test that used by doctor to find out whether or not you have GD during pregnancy).

The common early signs of gestational diabetes

Again, this health metabolic condition usually doesn’t cause any sign and symptom, particularly at early stage. However, some women report that they experience increased sense of thirst and increased urge to urinate in early pregnancy before the diagnosis of their GD is made – according to Mayo Clinic. But these signs are also very vague, because they are also common symptoms that occur in many pregnant women without GD.

Generally, the symptoms that you have will not be strong enough to determine whether or not you develop GD. All pregnant women must take a screening test for GD.

Normally … this test should be done between 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy. But if you have many risk factors (such as if you have a personal history of gestational diabetes in your previous pregnancy), your doctor can recommend you to take the test earlier (typically before 13th week of pregnancy).

Can gestational diabetes cause weight gain problem?

Weight changes (particularly if they occur without known reason) can be a vague symptom of many health conditions. For the case of diabetes symptoms, weight loss may be more common than weight gain – but in fact, there are more patients with obesity than patients with underweight when the diagnosis was made, and as mentioned before overweight is one of major risk factors of all diabetes types.

If you are being overweight, you are at high risk of developing type-2 diabetes (the most common diabetes type).

Diabetes itself is not directly linked to cause weight gain, but gaining weight excessively can directly trigger the occurrence of insulin resistance (if you don’t have diabetes yet) and can directly worsen the problem /increase the risk of complications (if you have been diagnosed with diabetes).

Overall, weight gain in any types of diabetes (type-1, type-2, and GD) is more often influenced by what you eat & the level of your physical activity (exercise) than the disease itself.

In the case of GD, it is perfectly normal to gain weight during pregnancy. But the most important thing is to make sure that your gaining weight is normal or not higher than your doctor recommendation.

Normally gaining weight in pregnancy – how far you should go?

How far you should gain weight during pregnancy is dependent on your weight before you pregnant, the number of your fetus (whether you have single or twin pregnancy), and your trimester.

Generally, more pounds of weight gain are expected in line with the progress of your pregnancy. And your body needs of calories also will gradually increase at that time.

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