Does Gestational Diabetes Make You Tired?

If you have gestational diabetes (often abbreviated to ‘GD’), does it make you tired? In many cases, it doesn’t cause any specific symptom and sign – particularly if this health metabolic condition is well controlled during pregnancy. But there are also some pregnant women with GD report that they experience excessively fatigue & feel excessive tired throughout the day, especially late in pregnancy.

The role of insulin for your energy supply

Before talking about the link between fatigue /tired feeling and gestational diabetes, it’s much better for you to clearly understand first about the function & contribution of insulin to help provide energy for your body. Insulin is a kind of hormone. It is produced by your pancreas through cells of pancreas called beta cells.

To get energy, you need to eat foods to get essential nutrients (particularly carbohydrate) for your body to keep survive. Glucose taken from foods that you eat will be digested – then they go into bloodstream to be absorbed by cells of the body. Glucose is a vital substance of food that can be changed to become energy in the body.

Hormone insulin is so important for the mechanism of your energy supply. Once it doesn’t work as well as like it should, the mechanism of your body to produce and get energy can be affected. Why is it very important for your energy and does it also affect the fluctuation of your blood sugar?

The key is the function of insulin that can help the permeation of glucose /sugar from the bloodstream to the cells of body, which then will be processed and converted into energy.

Not all glucose will be directly converted into energy – some will be converted into glycogen which then stored in the liver.

gestational_diabetes_and_tiredNormally, the release of insulin from pancreas to the bloodstream works in line with the amount of glucose in the bloodstream (this typically can peak during and after eating). In other words, if the accumulation of glucose in the bloodstream is high, your body will respond this situation by producing a lot of insulin in order to speed up the process of absorption for glucose from the bloodstream to the body’s cells.

This mechanism continuously occurs in your life to help control your blood sugar naturally. But as you age, your insulin respond can decrease, particularly true if you stick with unhealthy practices such as physically inactive and bad eating habits (like eating a large meal at once and having diet high in saturated fats).

Does gestational diabetes cause fatigue and make you tired?

Experiencing fatigue & tired feeling are pretty common in pregnant women – even they are one of common pregnancy symptoms.

But if you are diagnosed with GD, you may be relatively easier to get tired and fatigue than other pregnant women without this health metabolic condition.

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