Does Gestational Diabetes Make You Tired?

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Furthermore, fatigue and weakness are also pretty common in people with type-1 and type-2 diabetes, particularly for those with poorly-controlled blood sugar. If your doctor thinks that your body needs to take insulin replacement, make sure you completely understand and follow all instructions on how to take your insulin properly.

Taking insulin replacement can help your body to provide adequate insulin in the bloodstream for blood sugar control. But there is also a chance for you to develop a condition called hypoglycemia (a condition of when you blood sugar level is too low). And fatigue, weakness, or tired feeling also can be symptoms of hypoglycemia.

But if you experience excessive fatigue and tired feeling that last longer than usual, don’t choose watchful waiting – see your doctor for the best advice and the best treatment to relieve the problem! Pregnancy is a crucial phase in your life and therefore any unusual symptom that you have should be concerned as well.

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