Does Green Tea Really Help You Lose Weight Quickly?

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There are a lot of myths and facts about ways to help you lose weight quickly. One of popular issues for weight loss is green tea. As well we know, this kind of tea is high in antioxidants and therefore many people and even experts believe that it can help prevent cancer and other serious health conditions. But, can it also help burn more pounds of your weight?  If so, how does it work?

The major health benefits from green tea

Some few large-scale researches that focused on the effectiveness of green tea to help reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases are promising. But most of these studies were conducted in the East (particularly East Asia) where drinking this kind of tea is a dietary mainstay.

However, though drinking this tea have an effect in lowering the risk of heart disease and cancer, but other lifestyle factors such as regular exercise and sticking with a well-balanced diet also should not be ignored.

The powerful antioxidants of green tea is the key

Antioxidants are also commonly found in fruits such as berries and grapes. The ingredients of antioxidants in green tea are medically called catechins.

Catechins can act as protector for the body to scavenge free radicals that can be potential to cause cancer and DNA damage. Having too many free radicals also can lead to arthrosclerosis and blood clots which then put you at high risk of getting heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases.

One of the major benefits of green tea if compared with other kinds of tea is its minimal processing.

Unlike other teas, its leaves are not fermented but only withered & steamed. Furthermore, it also contains more EGCG ‘epigallocatechin-3-gallate’ (one of unique catechins).

However though drinking this tea is good for your health, but it’s also important to clearly understand about how much you need to drink it safely! In fact, the antioxidants (particularly EGCG) in the green tea are also not readily –available- to the human body. So, some catechins are not always fully used by your body.

In other words, drinking green tea too much may become counterproductive for your health. To keep safe, drink it in moderation!

Furthermore, any kinds of tea (including green tea) also contain caffeine. And getting caffeine too much into your body will be bad for blood flow, because excessive caffeine can increase blood pressure.

Is it actually good for the health of your heart?

Some studies confirm the effectiveness of green tea to help improve the health of the heart, but actually drinking this kind of tea is only one of many factors.

Your overall diet and lifestyles are much more critical to the outcomes. In other words, you cannot rely on drinking tea alone – other factors also should be concerned, such as having regular exercise and well-balanced diet (especially diet low in saturated fats /unhealthy fats)!

How about its effectiveness to help fight against cancer?

There are some studies that show drinking this kind of tea may help reduce the risk of getting cancer. However, the outcomes of these researches are still not fully understood.

Epidemiologically, there is still no strength scientific evidence to confirm this issue. This is caused due to the problem of finding adequate populations with diet that drink enough tea and stick with it for long time is not easy, particularly in this modern living when fast foods are very common anywhere.

East countries are common areas where the effectiveness of tea is observed and researched. On the other hand, it is difficult to do the research in western countries where drinking tea is less common.

According to a Japanese study that involved about 500 women with cancer of breast found that the appropriate increased consumption of green tea before & after surgery was helpful to decrease the chance of cancer to reoccur.

Although the issue of its effectiveness for cancer prevention and treatment is still not fully confirmed. But in general, many experts believe that antioxidants of green tea can help fight against cancer.

So, does drinking green tea really work for weight loss?

In very limited researches, green tea has been shown can help decrease the levels of LDL (a kind of unhealthy /bad cholesterol) and fight obesity – both are two common risk factors behind diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. One research in Japan and a research in Netherlands found that this kind of tea did both.

green_tea_and_weight_loss_illustrationIn Japanese research that involved about 240 women and men. All participants were given varying amounts of extract of green tea – they took it for about 3 months. The result of the study showed that participants who experienced the greatest amount fat loss and also had lower levels of blood pressure & LDL are those who took the highest amounts of green tea extract.

The same result also showed in the Dutch research. But, how do the ingredients of green tea help lose weight?

When antioxidants play a key role in the case for cancer-fighting, caffeine of green tea that helps with fat oxidant may be the answer for weight loss. However, there is also theory that catechins may have an effect in helping weight loss.

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