Does Hair Loss Grow Back – Can It Be Reversed and Cured?

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Does hair loss shampoo work?

Again, the cause of your hair loss is the key answer of the question. If it is only triggered by lack of specific essential nutrients (poor diet), stress, or other controllable causes – the use of a thickening hair shampoo along with addressing the underlying cause is likely to be effective.


But if the cause is certain medical problem, any hair loss products would be almost useless without taking appropriate treatment to address medical condition behind the problem!

Here are some tips for healthy hairs:

  1. There are a lot of hair loss shampoos to choose from. If you are still confused which one you need most, one loaded with active ingredients such as biotin and saw palmetto may help.
  2. Avoid products that provoke excessive moisture on your scalp! If you use hair conditioner, choose one that only works on the ends of your hair.
  3. Consider a stylish haircut if necessary! Shorter hair is less likely to fall out.
  4. Let your wet hair dry naturally. Avoid using any heated-styling appliance such as hairdryer! Or set the temperature as lowest as possible if you have to!

Additionally, there is also a product called scalp-concealer. It is not available in many drug stores, but you may find it online. It is a loose powder (very similar to the color of the hair) that is directly applied on the scalp, making hair loss spots less noticeable.


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