Does Hair Transplant Work for Any Women?

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  1. Their hair loss problem is triggered by non-hormonal factors or if there is no a genetic trait that trigger the problem. The prognosis of hair loss problem treated with hair transplant is much better if there is no a genetic trait or abnormal hormonal changes behind the problem.
  2. They have pattern hair loss that is similar with the male pattern baldness or when they have a distinct pattern of baldness. This would help the surgeon to easily find the best stable donor site – as noted before.

Moreover women who experience hair loss due to trauma, chemical burns, have had previous plastic /cosmetic surgery, or alopecia marginalis (non-hormonal condition) also could be good candidates for hair transplant.


Consult and discuss more with a professional dermatologist for more advice!

So, does hair transplant work in women? As written before, hair transplant is more common in men than in women. Even there is only about 2-5 percent of women who can take the benefit from this kind of cosmetic procedure.

But overall, hair transplant is one of common choices if you are bothered by balding /thinning hair. It is not only helpful to improve your self confidence and appearance, but also there is a chance for this option to provide a permanent result.

Just because it’s quite promising doesn’t mean it works for everyone!

There is a chance for this option fails to work or doesn’t meet what you expect. So comprehensive evaluation is necessary before taking the procedure!

Also, consider about the possible side effects that may occur during and after surgery. Make sure to discuss all of these issues with your surgeon /dermatologist!.


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