Does Hair Wax Cause Hair Loss?

Women love to present themselves in a fashionable manner. Men, too, want to appear great with creative haircuts. And to achieve that, they generally use hair wax to get that effect.

However, have you ever fixed your hair only to discover that you have a ball of hair in your hand? Wait a minute, don’t quickly declare that the culprit is the pomade you use. So, does it promote hair loss? Let’s look for the answer below.

About hair wax

One of the most popular beauty regimens for guys is hair wax, often known as pomade. It will come in handy for achieving a gleaming crown. Furthermore, using it aids in the notion of being somewhat cooler, so you may impress the lady you want.

Further to that, it is created from numerous chemical mixes, so it is essential to pay close attention to the substances in order to preserve the health of your hair.

There are two types of pomade available: water-based pomade and oil-based pomade. Both have the same feature in that they both keep your hairstyle looking great all day.

The distinction between the two is that water-based pomade is preferred to prevent hair damage. It’s simple to remove and doesn’t leave the hair greasy.

Conversely, oil-based pomade lasts longer than water-based pomade. Additionally, because of its oil content, this type of pomade is better equipped to deliver hydration to your hair. See the following details for further information:

Water-based Pomades

1. Extremely simple to clean

2. Does not cause oily hair

3. The possibility of creating acne is low

4. It is not as dazzling as oil-based pomade

Oil-based Pomades

1. Extremely tough

2. Emulsifier for hair

3. Offers excellent hair hold

4. It causes greasy hair and leaves a residue

Based on the comparisons given, it is safe to say that each has its benefits. You only need to select the one that best meets your requirements.

Does hair wax cause hair loss?

There is no scientific proof that hair wax promotes hair loss. When you see clumps of hair in the sink, comb, or your hair splattered in front of your vanity mirror, don’t blame it completely on pomade.

It’s merely that some people have hair damage as a result of using an unsuitable pomade. It’s similar to how you use shampoo or conditioner.

If it does not fit your head realm, you will face hair breakage and other problems. However, this cannot be depended on because pomade has the potential to ruin your gleaming crown.

Aside from that, you must be quite attentive when selecting things to make a hairstyle. Here are some pointers to consider while selecting a pomade:

  1. Avoid those that contain alcohol, or choose those that are labeled as alcohol-free. The reason for this is that alcohol is supposed to make the scalp dry, eventually leaving your hair dry.
  2. Water-based products are preferable if your hair is greasy. This is meant to reduce the incidence of more severe build-up or greasy hair.
  3. There are a few substances to be aware of. Specifically, the use of parabens and sulfates. Both of these compounds are becoming generally known to create a range of problems, which is why many producers of body care or cosmetic products do not include them now.
  4. Opt for a natural-ingredient pomade. Pomades that are made from coconut oil, olive oil, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, and other natural ingredients, for example.

How to prevent hair loss while using hair wax?

There are many different perspectives on whether or not pomade may cause hair damage. Nonetheless, no scientific research has been conducted to demonstrate a link between the two. Thus, there are several variables that might influence hair damage.

As a consequence, the pomade cannot be criticized completely. It might be linked to hormonal changes that occur as you get older. Likewise, the way you live your life and how you use hair wax have an impact on your hair loss.

So, how do you deal with hair breakage when using pomade? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Avoid using it on a regular basis. Indeed, it’s cool if you can always seem stylish. But, if you use it every day, your hair will most likely be unable to breathe freely and it is bad for hair.
  2. Do not let it overnight. It is not advised to do so. Aside from the obvious purpose of avoiding oily traces on your pillowcase, this may also damage the health of your hair, causing dandruff, dry scalp, and irritation.
  3. To avoid future complications, properly clean the wax with shampoo.

So far, we’ve discussed the use of hair wax and the results it creates. Despite the fact that many people claim that pomades do not cause hair damage, we are nevertheless advised to use pomades with discretion.

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