Does High Blood Sugar Cause Fatigue and Tired Feeling?

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In diabetics and non-diabetics, the following are some bad lifestyles and habits that increase the risk of developing high blood sugar:

  1. Lack of physical activity – if you are physically inactive, you are relative easier to have hyperglycemia than others who keep active. Regular exercise is important to improve and maintain your insulin sensitivity.
  2. Poor diet – here is a helpful section about best foods to lower blood sugar.
  3. Taking a large meal at once. Eating a lot of foods (especially foods high in carbohydrate and high in saturated fat) can make your insulin work harder in regulating glucose in the blood, because glucose taken from foods can be absorbed directly by the bloodstream.
  4. Skipping your regular meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) or eating irregularly. It is important to maintain and stick with the pattern of your regular meals in order to help your insulin work regularly. This is important to have good insulin sensitivity in long term.

Having high blood sugar symptoms should not be ignored. Prolonged this condition may increase your risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

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