Does Irritable Bowel Syndrome Affect Pregnancy?

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The bowel symptoms of this syndrome are the result of dysfunction or problem within the digestive system itself. And typically, there should be no no chance for the condition to affect the reproductive organs.


Therefore, in general any pain that you have due to spastic colon would not affect the way of your reproductive system to work.

But if you in-doubt whether your pain is due to IBS or something else, consult more with your GP /doctor to find a clearly answer. Because abdominal pain is sometimes associated with serious conditions such as endometriosis, PID /pelvic inflammatory disease, and blockade fallopian tubes – which some might affect your chance of conception.

Treatment options for pregnant women with IBS

Having spastic colon doesn’t mean you need to avoid pregnancy. If you completely understand about this syndrome, there should be nothing to worry.

Although it is chronic and incurable, but it can be managed with the right strategies! As long as you manage it as well, you are less likely to experience pregnancy complications due to this syndrome.

Furthermore, it doesn’t cause serious damage or serious inflammation to the tracts of the intestines. It also doesn’t increase the risk of other serious diseases (such as cancer).

Still, you need to keep alert to any unusual symptoms that may signal serious health problems. For instance, if you experience symptoms related to the digestive system but they are not linked to a change of your bowel habits and also don’t improve after a bowel movement – see a doctor promptly!

For more guidance, work with your doctor!


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