Does Keratin Shampoo Help Hair Grow?

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Today, many hair treatments can be found easily so you can get it anytime whenever you need it. Maybe you’ve ever heard about keratin shampoo. Or maybe you are using it, are you? Some people using keratin shampoo for some reasons.  For instance, some believe that keratin shampoo is very effective to trigger hair grows faster and even may be effective to help hair loss treatment.

What is keratin?

Keratin is a kind of protein you can find naturally in the body. Skin, nails, and of course hair has this protein. Like cited from, keratin has some advantages for hair.

The use of keratin in hair, as said by Kelly Monica, owner of Kelly Monica Hair Co. and also a celebrity hair stylist, is make hair keep elastic, strong, and of course healthy. Keratin is made by special cells named keratinocytes [1].

Though hair is made from keratin, every day the amount of keratin in the hair is decreasing. That’s why hair sometimes felt dry and brittle.

The keratin treatment and keratin shampoo

Hair has some problems like other parts of human body. If people are very poor in hair care practices, their hair will get damage soon. That’s why many people are willing to spend a lot of money for hair care in order to keep their hair grow healthy.

Several years ago, keratin appeared for the first time in Brazil as salon-only treatment. The keratin was used for straightening process for hair which has frizzy or curly type.

Later, in about 2007, keratin came to the U.S. The product has been improved and now keratin is recommended in the smoothing treatment. Of course the price is expensive; and that’s become a reason why some use it for the second option.

image_illustration112But in line with its popularity, keratin now becomes important essential in shampoo. This is cheaper than do keratin treatment in salon.

Many keratin shampoos can be found easily in any department stores. So you can get keratin treatment easily in your home just by washing your hair with it regularly.

Additionally, many keratin shampoo products are not made by only keratin. It also can contain other ingredients like sulfates. So, watch on the ingredients carefully and make sure they meet with your hair needs!

Can Keratin Help Hair Grow?

Maybe you’ve ever heard myths about keratin shampoo and hair growth. In fact, hair is made from keratin and this fact is undeniable. This of one of the reasons why there are some experts believe that keratin can help hair grow fast.

This opinion may be true – but only for existing hair, and it doesn’t stimulate new hair growth. In other words, if it does work, it only helps for the existing hair!

However some experts also have different opinion. Even some say that it is doubtful whether keratin shampoo can help hair grow fast. As cited from, Avi Elkayam as CEO of Runway Tools and hairdresser, he doubted that keratin shampoo is “really does anything”.

Overall, thing that makes hair grow is time. However, if you want to see faster growth of your existing hairs and looking for something else, there are some shampoo products that meet to your hair needs – one of them may be FAST shampoo and conditioner!


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