Does Keratin Shampoo Help Hair Grow?

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Is it recommended for Hair Loss?

As mentioned before, experts have different opinion about the effectiveness of keratin shampoo. It may make the cortex stronger [2]. As a result, this can make hair sleeker, and not frizzing or breaking. So, besides cleaning, keratin shampoo can make hair strong.

Amanda Shackleton, a makeup artist and hair stylist, as cited from believes that keratin shampoo has domino effect. Just use it consistently and then it can help nourish your hair with more protein, and the hair can become sleeker and stronger. Of course the result can’t be seen immediately; it is need much time.

The effectiveness of keratin shampoo for hair loss treatment is unclear.

If it really works, the result might take much time. Maybe some hair types can accept keratin so it can decrease losing, but some hair type probably gets health risks.

So, the effect of keratin shampoo also can vary from person to person. This is reasonable since people can have different types of skin and hairs. But overall, people who have hairs with keratin deficiency may be the best candidate to take the most advantage from keratin shampoo.

Remember, ‘not enough keratin is bad’, but ‘too much accumulation of this protein on your scalp also can be counterproductive’. Therefore again, make sure you choose the right shampoo that meets to your hairs need so thus they will grow healthy!

So, if you want to cure your hair loss problem, it is better to not only rely on keratin. But if you feel it is good, you can continue to use it. But if you feel that your hair loss problem gets worse and even you have other hair problems, you must stop using keratin shampoo!

In addition, keratin shampoo is not only made from keratin, as noted before. So maybe you allergy with other essentials in the shampoo. If you get confused, see a dermatologist for more guidance!

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