Does Low Blood Sugar Cause High Blood Pressure in Diabetics?

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While the link between hypoglycemia and hypertension may be still debatable, but again it’s clear that hypertension can be one of common complications from uncontrolled diabetes.

Fortunately, both conditions are tied to dietary changes and also can be controlled by a well-regularly exercise and appropriate weight loss if you are being overweight. However, sometimes medical intervention is needed to improve the problem.

Why hypertension is pretty common in diabetics?

There are some reasons. First, diabetes and hypertension have some same risk factors, such as obesity and physically inactive lifestyle. People with obesity and lack of exercise are not only at high risk of diabetes but also more likely to develop hypertension.

The other reasons are the insulin resistance itself in diabetes and kidneys damage.

Insulin resistance is a condition of when cells of the body is poor reactive to insulin released by pancreas. It also can be defined as a condition of when insulin is poorly effective in lowering glucose /sugar in the bloodstream.

Also, when your body develops insulin resistance, the body is likely to have a problem in storing magnesium.

Magnesium with potassium is important to maintain the balance of salt in the cells of your body. Lack of magnesium can increase the risk of hypertension.

How about kidney disease due to diabetes? Kidney damage is one of uncontrolled diabetes complications. Once your kidney is no longer to work properly, this can affect your blood pressure too.

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