Does Low Blood Sugar Cause Weight gain or Loss?

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If you accidentally experience hypoglycemia, you need to treat it immediately. It’s an emergency situation.

Treating hypoglycemia is the reverse way of treating hyperglycemia. If you experience hypoglycemia, you need to consume more sugar-containing foods such as hard candies, brown sugar, fruit juice, etc. Visit this section for in-depth information about this!

But when treating your hypoglycemia, there is a chance to over treat the problem. You may eat sugar-containing foods a lot to deal with. As a result, you may gain weight!

So if you have diabetes and gain weight after taking your insulin, this may occur due to the excessive consumption of sugar in treating the problem.

Your chance of over treating the problem increases when you have frequent hypoglycemia. But as long as you do your exercise regularly, take your prescribed insulin properly (in the right dose), and stick with a well-balanced diet – you should be able to continuously maintain your healthy weight!

It seems extreme changes of blood sugar does have an effect on the body’s weight. Whatever it is, controlling your weight is a must if you have diabetes. Work with your dietitian and doctor for more guidance!

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