Does Low Testosterone Cause Hair Loss in Men and Women?

There are a lot of problems and symptoms associated with the declining levels of testosterone, and one of them is about hair loss. Does the low level of this hormone affect the strength of your hair which then causes losing more hair than usual? Though there are many opinions about this issue, but in fact hair loss is pretty common in both men and women with low testosterone.

The declining testosterone as the age is perfectly normal – it naturally decreases gradually (about 1-1.5 percent /year – typically after 30s /40s). This is the reason of why many symptoms of low levels of this hormone are also often associated with aging.

If you have more hair loss than usual as you get older, this doesn’t definitely point to low testosterone. But ‘yes’ it may point to abnormal level of your testosterone – in other words, there is no specific sign! A testosterone test (commonly blood test) is one of best answers to measure the level of this hormone.

The possible symptoms and signs of low testosterone in men and women

Though women have much less testosterone than men, but they also can experience low testosterone. Once it occurs, there are some possible symptoms that occur – these may include (according to the Medicine Net):

  1. Poor density of bones which then can put them at greater chance of developing osteoporosis.
  2. Sexual problems, such as decreased sexual desire.
  3. Mood changes, such as irritability and depression.
  4. Decreased muscle mass.
  5. Loss of body hair.
  6. Insomnia or another sleep disturbance.
  7. Hot flashes (a kind of sudden feeling of uncomfortable warmth sensation – they typically occur over the face, neck, or even chest).

In men, the possible signs that may be present include:

  1. Sexual problems (ED ‘erectile dysfunction and loss of libido).
  2. Hair loss.
  3. Loss of bone density (osteoporosis).
  4. Loss of muscle mass and muscle growth.
  5. Issues associated with fertility (decrease sperm counts – read also how does low testosterone affect fertility!).

The function of testosterone to maintain sex drive is more significant in men than in women. Though this hormone also can affect the female sex drive, but the interest in sex of women is much more complex than just testosterone levels!

How to know if you have normal or abnormal hair loss?

low_testosterone_and_hair_loss_illustrationAll people experience hair loss, because there is a cycle of hair to replace the old hair by the new hair. But how far it should go?

According to an article published on WebMD, it is normal to lose hair for about up to 100 hairs /day. In other words, your hair loss can be categorized abnormal if it occurs higher than 100 hairs a day!

So, does low testosterone cause hair loss?

From the symptoms explained above, you may conclude that there is correlation between low testosterone and hair loss. But again, you need to clearly understand that having unusual hair loss doesn’t mean that you are definitely being at low testosterone! Because as well we know that there are also other causes that can lead to hair loss.

However if you have unusual hair loss, it’s much better to see a doctor for a clearly diagnosis. The treatment is closely dependent on the cause. Your doctor may perform a certain blood test to measure the level of your testosterone.

If the result is too low and doctor believes that it is the cause of your hair loss, you may be suggested to take a replacement testosterone therapy to help restore your testosterone level. If the result is slightly lower than normal, you may only be asked to do some home remedies (such dietary changes and doing an appropriate workout).

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