Does Magnesium Help Lower Blood Pressure?

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recommended dietary allowance table for magnesium

How do magnesium deficiencies occur?

As mentioned before, many foods high potassium is also rich in magnesium – like banana. But the case of potassium deficiencies is more common than magnesium deficiencies.

Because it’s not too difficult to find foods high in Mg such as spinach or other green vegetables, legumes, fruits, soybean, tofu, nuts & seeds, and even chocolate and cereal!

Furthermore, the urinary excretion of Mg is also limited by the kidneys.

However Mg deficiency can occur. It can occur due to poor intake of dietary Mg. But many times, it occurs due to the side effect of using certain medicine. Moreover, there are also certain medical health problems (such as problems of kidney function) that can lead to Mg deficiency.


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