Does Male Hair Loss Treatment Work (Facts and Myths)?

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Does a well-balanced diet help?

In mild case of hair loss problem, a well-balanced healthy diet would improve your chance of growing more hair. Read also about the best foods and most essential nutrients for hair growth!


Does a good stress management help improve your chance in reducing hair loss?

Some studies found that there is a correlation between chronic-uncontrolled stress and the increased risk of developing hair loss problem. For in-depth information about this issue, visit this link!

Can a baseball cap causes baldness?

Fortunately this opinion is only a myth. Neither for styling, brushing, twisting, or combing! Again, baldness is more often closely associated with a genetic trait.

Can ‘stop smoking’ help?

It’s clear that cigarette smoking is linked to increased risk of many health problems. But does it also increase the risk of hair loss?

Cigarette smoking may have contribution to accelerate the progress of hair loss in men with genetic traits of male-pattern baldness. So if you are a smoker, it’s much better to stop this unhealthy habit [source]!

Interestingly, baldness in men is not always a bad thing. So treatment is not always necessary.

If you are looking for more boosting ideas to keep motivated, think of some bald men that can still have a good carrier with their baldness such as Michael Jordan, Bruce Willis, or Patrick Stewart!


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