Does Metabolism Increase During Period?

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Another issue you might like to concern is about water retention. It can be triggered by the increased level of estrogen in the first phase of your menstrual period.


Water retention is not fat, but it can contribute to raise your weight’s scale. And it can affect your workout since you may feel that you are exercising harder than usual. Taking birth control pills containing high estrogen can increase your water retention, too.

To cope with water retention related to your menstrual period, the following tips can help:

  1. Having water retention doesn’t mean you need to reduce your drink. Instead, drinking plenty of water can help make it resolves.
  2. Foods containing sodium can make the problem worse, so restrict them in your diet!
  3. The use of oregano and herbal tea may help, too.

Since the metabolism tends to increase in the luteal phase, you may want to do intense workout to burn more calories faster. But unfortunately, your body temperature is also more likely to increase in this phase. If you push yourself too hard (the temperature of the body can increase more during exercise, especially in high intensities), you may become uncomfortable.

It’s much better to do your exercise in moderation both in the luteal phase and follicular phase (the phase that occurs after your menstruation takes place). Remember, the key is not how to burn your calories fast, but how to have ideal weight and you can keep it in long term!

Furthermore, your metabolism can be the key for your weight control, but it is not everything. Pay attention to other factors that can lead to weight gain, too – such as stress and your sleep! See also the link between stress and weight gain!

In addition, certain health conditions can make you gain excess weight easier. These include hypothyroid (under active thyroid) and Cushing’s syndrome.

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