Does Your Period Affect Your Weight?

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In general, experts classify amenorrhea into two major categories, primary and secondary amenorrhea.

It is a kind of amenorrhea that can be characterized by the occurrence of absent periods in the age of 16. Any girls who still don’t get any sign of menstruation by age 15 should be closely evaluated to make sure that their reproductive system works properly.
It is a kind of amenorrhea that occurs when you have normal periods but then they stop longer than usual (at least 30 months or more).

Secondary amenorrhea is more common than primary amenorrhea. Fortunately, it is usually temporary. About 1 of 25 women experience secondary amenorrhea at some point in their lives [5].

It is relatively more common in professional dancers and athlete when the strenuous exercise is a common thing. And in general, it is common in younger women and girls when the balance of hormones is relatively easier to fluctuate.

The cause of the problem can significantly affect the kind of the treatment for amenorrhea. But in general, maintaining the healthy weight is one of the core treatments.

If the exercise that you do has a significant contribution in causing excessive weight loss, your doctor can recommend cutting down on your exercise. Since exercise is great for overall health, doctor often recommend moderate exercise instead of strenuous exercise in women with amenorrhea.

However, sometime doctor can ask you to choose ‘wait and see option’ whether the problem improve on its own. If the abstain period doesn’t improve, the medical intervention can be used.

Additionally, in line with the effort in restoring your healthy weight, make sure to get plenty of essential nutrients for your body – particularly such as vitamins (these include vitamins B-12, B-6, K, and vitamin D), zinc, calcium, iron, protein, and healthy fatty acids. Lack of some of these nutrients can affect the menstrual periods [6].

And don’t forget to get plenty of fats. Some women believe more fats that they can skip in the diet can be great for their shape. But actually the body also requires fats for some body’s functions. For instance, fats are needed to help the body absorb some essential nutrients such as vitamins K, E, and D.

However for best result, make sure most of your dietary fats come from healthy fats.



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