Does Psoriasis Spread from Person to Person?

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What are the symptoms?

As written before, the plaques can vary in size from small to large – either for the appearance. The affected skin can appear in different ways.


The problem can be mild, moderate, and severe. In mild case, the problem usually causes small areas of rash. In moderate & severe cases, the affected skin can get inflamed which usually come with raised areas topped with silvery, loose, scaling skin.

If the problem is getting severe, there is a chance for the skin to become itch even more and tender. This may also be followed with larger patches that can be very uncomfortable. If left untreated, some large patches will join together which then can cover the large areas of the skin.

However in some cases, the symptoms may disappear, even without treatment! But there is a chance for the problem to recur. Again, psoriasis can be a chronic skin problem!

What are the triggers of the flare-up?

Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for the problem. But it can be controlled and the flare-up can be prevented from recurring.

The best way to cope with the problem is by avoiding the triggers of the flare-up. The following are some of these triggers or factors that may worsen the symptoms:

  1. Skin injury such as a severe sunburn and bug bite.
  2. High stress. Many skin problems can get worse with stress.
  3. Skin infections.
  4. Smoking also can worsen the symptoms in many cases of psoriasis.
  5. Too much drinking alcohol.
  6. Certain medications may also affect the chance for the flare-up of the problem to recur. These may include lithium that is used for treating bipolar disorder, and some beta blockers for hypertension (high blood pressure).

The trigger factors for the flare-up of psoriasis to recur may vary from person to person. Consult more with a professional dermatologist for more advice!

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