Does Spicy Food Help You Lose Weight Fast?

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There are a lot of opinions (either facts or only myths) about ways to help lose weight fast. In general, foods high in fiber and low in calories are the common choice when it comes to losing weight (see also the role of fiber in losing weight on this section). While fiber can help you to full longer (since fiber is slowly digested), foods low in calories do great thing to control your calories input. How about with spicy food? Is it good for weight loss?

Effects of spicy food on the body

The issue of weight loss is not the single reason of health advantage from spicy food. Some studies found that it may also help reduce your risk of getting certain medical health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even cancer. Spices are available in a wide range of choices (they are not only about chili), but they also often come from the roots of plants, bark, berries, and seeds.

spicy_food_and_weight_loss_illustrationSpices are not only about certain substances that can help for weight loss (particularly such as capsaicin and capsinoids) but they also contain good amounts of antioxidants (essential substance for cancer-fighting). Furthermore, using spices also can help expand our palette without worrying about extra calories that can lead to obesity.

It also may help reduce the amount of sugar, fat, and salt from your diet which then will be so helpful to improve your blood flow and provide other health advantages to your heart and your entire body.

In other words, you can eliminate the use of sugar or salt or even fat with spices without sacrificing your flavor.

Most adults should limit their salt intake for about 1,500 mg of sodium or lower per day – according a recommendation published on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010. This threshold is needed in order to help manage the blood pressure.

As well we know, getting too high salt from your diet can lead to hypertension (high blood pressure), and this is very bad for your heart. And by getting some seasonings such as with chili and cinnamon can help reduce the use of salt.

So, does spicy food help lose weight fast?

Some studies showed that there is a significant result from diet with spicy foods in helping people with obesity to get and restore their ideal weight. The following are some explanations.

Helpful to increase metabolic rate

Spicy food can help boost the metabolic rate, though the effect is likely not permanent (temporary). Metabolic rate is a variable to describe how many calories that will be burned and used by the body just to maintain the basic biological processes in order to keep survive.

Better metabolic rate means easier for weight loss.

When it comes to boosting metabolism and losing weight, capsaicin found in spicy foods may be the key answer. This essential compound can act many functions in helping and restoring your healthy weight. It is not only helpful to boost the level of your metabolism temporarily at short time, but also can directly help burn more calories.

Improving flavor and reducing calories intake

Big flavors can replace the big portions of your meals – as a result you will get less calories intake per day.

And with spicy foods, you can do that! For instance, most people tend to get an average of 150-200 fewer calories during meals when they also use hot pepper sauce, according to a health article published on the New York Times.

Then according to a Japanese research, people who take breakfast with spicy food are more likely to eat less at lunch. This means that this kind of food can help suppress appetite.

Other foods and spices that speed up metabolism and help you lose weight!

Chili or red /black pepper or cayenne is not the single answer for your spices. There are several foods to choose from.

For best result, you should not only rely on a specific food.

You need to vary your healthy-weight-loss foods into your diet, because each food has unique essential property that not only important to help you lose weight but also can promote better health and well being in long term.


Another seasoning that can help you to keep full longer is vinegar. Acetic acid found in vinegar may be the key answer.

This kind of acid can help slow the passage of food that you eat from your abdomen into your small intestine. According to a Swedish research, people who ate foods with vinegar (such as bread dipped in vinegar) reported that they felt fuller.


Cinnamon also can help! It can be helpful to control the feeling of hungry since it can help manage post-meal insulin spikes – according to a study conducted by the U.S Department of Agriculture.

Furthermore, it also can be a good choice to help lower blood sugar and cholesterol (especially can be very helpful for people with type-2 diabetes). And fortunately, there are also some yummy options to enjoy foods that you eat with cinnamon.

For instance, you can sprinkle a little cinnamon on microwave oatmeal. You can also sprinkle it on whole grain toast, and so on.

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