Does Stomach Ulcer Cause Nausea, Gas, Back Pain, Headache?

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A number of treatments are available for stomach ulcer. With appropriate treatments, the disease is likely to be curable and would not come back. Thankfully, surgery is now rarely used to treat the disease. Oral medications are often enough to deal with.

However, the disease might also turn to be advanced, making it harder to treat. Therefore it’s important to keep alert to the symptoms if you have had it before. See a doctor promptly if your symptoms don’t improve with lifestyle measures so you will get treatments as soon as possible!

Although the disease is curable, a comprehensive treatment plan is required to get rid of the disease completely. Otherwise, there is a chance for the disease to return and cause more complications.

For instance, if you have prescribed antibiotics to treat H. Pylori infection, take all of your antibiotics (even though if you start feeling better) to avoid the risk of antibiotic resistance. Also, avoid any factors that provoke the disease and make it take longer to heal such as cigarette smoking and alcohol.

Since the disease could cause serious complications, work with your healthcare provider for more guidance!

In addition – nausea, abdominal bloating (gas), headache, and back pain can also be attributed by something else. So it’d be better to not make a conclusion on your own! Several tests are required to clearly diagnose stomach ulcers!

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