Does Stomach Ulcer Go Away (Prognosis and Outlook)?

In many cases, the prognosis and outlook of patients with stomach ulcer are pretty good. This kind of digestive problem is treatable condition, particularly at early stage. In other words, most of gastric ulcers (alternative name for peptic ulcer of stomach) are often successfully treated. But do they go away naturally if left untreated?

Causes of this digestive problem

Generally, there are two major reasons of why you get it; the infection of bacteria called H-pylori and the extremely imbalance of acid in the stomach (for stomach ulcer) and in the first part of small intestine (for duodenal ulcer).

There is also a theory that taking pills of pain killers also may increase the risk of developing this digestive problem. In fact, peptic ulcer is pretty common in elderly people who usually need to take certain pain killers on a regular basis.

The major steps of the treatment plan

The core of the treatment is determined based on the trigger factor of the disease.

If your ulcer is caused by the H-pylori infection, your doctor can use some different antibiotics for the primary treatment. For this case, it’s important for patients to take their antibiotics thoroughly otherwise the bacteria are more likely to become resistant and as a result they will be more difficult to be killed.

If the cause is the irritation due to acid or excessive acid in the stomach, doctor can prescribe some medications that help stop, reduce, and neutralize the amount of acid in the digestive track. If necessary, medications that help give extra protection for the lining of stomach /intestine also can be prescribed to promote a quicker healing and prevent further damage.

And in line with the medical interventions, some lifestyle changes and eating the right foods also can give a significant contribution the outlook and prognosis. For more detailed information about home remedies for gastric ulcer, visit this section!

Does stomach ulcer go away?

Yes it does, but the result is closely dependent on how well you commit and follow the treatment plan as directed.

All medications and home remedies of the treatment plan are only a tool – the chance of curing your ulcer is also closely dependent on your own commitment and spirit. Again, most cases of this disease can be cured successfully – as written before.

prognosis_of_stomach_ulcer_consultationSometime the pain or other symptoms may come and go. And for this reason, some patients think that the disease go away on their own naturally! But in fact, this disease and its symptoms are more likely to reoccur if left untreated. Without the appropriate & completely treatment, there is also a chance for the disease to cause other more serious complications such as internal bleeding or even perforation (a hole that occurs in the gut or stomach).

One thing you need to always remember, it’s important to follow the treatment plan completely. For instance, if the ulcer is the end result of H-pylori infection, you need to take your antibiotic drugs completely as directed otherwise there is a chance for the infection to reoccur.

In essence, your chance of developing another ulcer is lower if you follow the instructions from your doctor completely and take all of your medicines as prescribed.

What happen if stomach ulcer doesn’t respond to the treatment?

There are also a few cases of when the disease fails to heal or medically called refractory ulcer. This may occurs due to some of the following reasons:

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