Does Stomach Ulcer Go Away (Prognosis and Outlook)?

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  1. Patient doesn’t follow the treatment as directed.
  2. Sticking with bad lifestyles and habits such as continuously smoking /abusing tobacco, drinking alcohol, unhealthy diet (eating some foods that may provoke ulcers), etc.
  3. Having frequent, uncontrolled stress. You may think that stress is only a mental health problem, but it also can affect your physical health.
  4. If you keep using certain pain relievers that increase the risk of developing recurrence ulcer.
  5. The resistant factor of H-pylori bacterium itself. This may occur when patients don’t take their prescribed antibiotic entirely!

In rare cases, refractory ulcers may also point to the existence of other health conditions that contribute to the recurrence.

These may include cancer of stomach, Cronh’s disease, extremely production of stomach acid (like a health condition called Zollinger-Ellison syndrome), or another infection other than Helicobacter-Pylori bacteria. Consult with a doctor for more advice!

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