Does Stress Cause Acne in Teenagers and Adults?

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Does stress cause acne in teenagers and adults?

According to a research published on the Achieves of Dermatology in 2003 found that acne of students was more likely to get worse during exams (a period of time in which the stress levels can elevate significantly).

In essence, this study concluded that stress can worsen acne. But it’s still not clear whether stress can cause acne, because in fact not all people with stress (both teenagers and adults) develop acne.

How does stress affect acne?

Experts still don’t have the answer with certainty of how this emotional problem affects acne. But they do know that cells of skin that make sebum can respond stress.

Sebum is a kind of oily property on the skin that can mix with dead cells of skin and sometime with bacteria. More sebum that you have – more clogged hair follicles that may occur and then will cause acne cyst or pimple!

Moreover during stressful period, you are more likely to pick your skin or even you may also tend to squeeze your pimple. This can exacerbate your blemishes. Even squeezing mild acne or pimple can be potential to cause terrible scars!

Does stress management help relieve acne?

Yes, it does – but typically it doesn’t work alone, though the answer varies from person to person.

While managing stress can help significantly treat acne in some people, others don’t! Other appropriate treatments and home remedies (such regular exercise, getting plenty of sleep, and well-balanced diet) are often required with a good stress management to provide a quickly healing and restore the health of your skin.

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