Does Stress Cause Gray hair in Children, Teenagers, and Adults?

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A study in 2009 published on Cell Magazine revealed that genotoxic (gene-related stress) may have a role on gray hair. Excessive exposure of ultraviolet (UV) rays may trigger stress that’s probably powerful enough to deform hair cells (including melanocytes). As a result, hair may lose the ideal pigmentation levels.

Moreover, DNA is a vulnerable object to environmental factors (e.g. ionizing radiation, chemicals radiation, and UV light radiation) – according to a journal published by Tokyo Medical and Dental University.

A research in 2009 in rats showed that chemical injections and X-ray radiation might cause damage to the hair follicle’s stem cells. This study suggests that the instability in genes caused by unavoidable harmful exposure may boost aging (including early graying hair).

Home remedies

It’s hard to find scientific evidence to confirm a specific way in preventing or restoring gray hair (including any supplement, product, or even diet). Meanwhile, addressing the underlying cause of the problem would play a key role.

How about alternative treatments such as a traditional technique from India called ‘Ayurveda’ or TCM (a kind of traditional Chinese medication)? The effectiveness of these approaches is not conclusive yet, though anecdotal reports on this are ample!

Ask your doctor first before trying any alternative therapies, supplements, or herbs!

Although the link of stress and premature graying hair is unclear yet, most experts believe that stress management is very crucial to maintain the health and strength of hair.

So control your stress as well! There are a lot of ways and options to have good stress management. If necessary, do some relaxation techniques!

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