Does Your Diet Affect Acne (Foods You Need to Eat and Avoid)?

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Simple sugar

Simple sugar foods are typically related with high glycemic index. Glycemic index is a parameter used to measure how fast a food in affecting the level of sugar in the blood (blood sugar).

Eating simple sugars can directly increase the level of your blood sugar at short time, and this is bad for your glucose metabolism in long term. Then what is the link to breakouts?

A study revealed that the excessive production of insulin released by pancreas of the body to restore the high blood sugar after eating many simple sugar foods may have an effect in triggering the body to produce more androgens.

And as well we know that the increased production of androgens can increase the production of sebum. And this can increase your chance of getting more clog pores.

Dairy products

How about with dairy products? The hormones used to help cow’s growth may be the reason.

In some people, these hormones may make the cow’s milk worsen /spark acne since they may have an effect in triggering the body to make more androgens – according to a study conducted by the George Washington University Medical Center.


Drink alcohol moderately or avoid it temporarily when you have some breakouts, because alcohol can dry out your skin! Do the same way for caffeine, because it also can do what alcohol does to your skin.

Overall, a dermatologist can help you to find your best diet and give more advice. But you should also always remember that you are still the only one who exactly knows what your body needs and the answer whether or not your diet has a significant contribution in triggering your acne flare-ups.

You can do a small research to explore specific foods you should eat more and avoid. Try with keeping a personal food journal for a month. Highlight some that worsen your pimples! Look back for about 72 hours prior to what foods and beverages you eat and then see if specific pattern emerges!

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