Double Chin when you’re Skinny, Why?

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When it’s very mild — if it only looks clearly with certain facial expressions (e.g. yawing or looking down) — these ideas along with a few lifestyle measures are probably helpful enough to deal with. But if it’s clearly noticeable even without any facial expressions, you may need treatment — but again, this is dependent on your personal preference.

There are two main types of double chin treatment; non-invasive procedures and surgery. The good news, non-invasive procedures often work successfully for mild to moderate double chin.

Surgery is now rarely used, it’s usually only required when the problem is severe or if your doctors do believe that surgical procedure is the only way to better achieve your desired improvements.

Remember surgery isn’t going without any risks, though it promises dramatic results. Many people are likely to think twice for going under the knife just for a cosmetic issue like double chin. Here non-invasive procedures could be your best bet. They carry fewer risks than surgical procedures.

For more information about these non-invasive procedures, see also this review!


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