Earliest Signs of Pregnancy after 1 Week

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What you should do to cope with nausea and vomiting during pregnancy? There are plenty of options to control the symptoms. These include:

  1. Never skip your breakfast!
  2. Keep the level of your blood sugar! Low blood pressure may also aggravate your nausea.
  3. Choose healthy snacks, and eat them throughout the day! This helps your stomach never empty throughout the day.
  4. Avoid eating a large meal at once!
  5. Get your meal before you are hungry!
  6. Keep hydrated!
  7. Control your stress! Pregnant women are more likely to have more mood changes, and uncontrollable stress would make your nausea get worse.

Changes of your breasts

Some women report that they experience tender /swollen breasts and sensitive /sore nipples in the early weeks of their pregnancy.

Changes of breast tissues and more blood flow are perfectly normal as you have increased pregnancy hormones. These changes are prepared for your baby after birth (breastfeeding) – and this may start soon after your conception.

Increased vaginal discharge

There are also many women who experience increased vaginal discharge (cervical fluid) in their early pregnancy.

Typically, the discharge is ‘slippery & wet’ or ‘creamy and white’ like lotion. You may notice it steadily throughout the day or it may appear in bunches.

However, it is important to make sure that your vaginal discharge is normal. If you in doubt to this symptom, particularly if it comes with unusual color, unfriendly smell, or itchy – see a doctor! Abnormal vaginal discharge can be associated with other health problems, such as yeast infection.

Vivid dreams

Vivid dreams are less common symptom of pregnancy, but there are also a few women who experience this symptom. Again, increased pregnancy hormones are probably to blame.

Vivid dreams associated with pregnancy are usually followed with some common tags of pregnancy.

While getting pregnant is a wonderful life-changing experience, it is also very crucial to prepare everything so you’re likely to have normal pregnancy and deliver healthy baby. Work with your healthcare provider for more guidance!

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