Early Signs of Pregnancy First 2 Weeks

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  1. Severe nausea and vomiting (if they don’t improve for many days). They may cause dehydration and dangerous nutrient deficiencies (this is bad for your pregnancy).
  2. Heavy cramping. Slight cramping is common, as noted before. But if it gets worse and become severe, don’t ignore it!
  3. Having bleeding! Getting spotting (slight bleeding) after conception is expected. But for heavy bleeding, it is different story because it may point to a serious problem that requires prompt treatment!
  4. High fever.
  5. When you pee, you feel pain – painful urination. Frequent urination in the second and third trimester is common. But if it becomes painful, consult more with your doctor!
  6. Unusual vaginal discharge also should be concerned! For example if you have increasing discharge followed with abdominal pain, foul odor and irritation.

When you experience one /some of these signs, tell your doctor how long the symptom lasts, how severe it is and other important things to help your doctor make an accurate diagnosis!

The takeaway!

While some women experience a specific symptom, others don’t. In other words, again early pregnancy symptoms can vary from woman to woman.

You should not only rely on the symptoms! Consider also several options to make sure whether or not you are being pregnant. Besides a home pregnancy test, try also (if necessary) a lab test for more accurate result.


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