Easy Weight Loss Tips for Men in Their 20s!

Typically, men in their 20s have still good metabolic rate if compared with older adults. Theoretically, they should have lower risk of getting weight problems (particularly weight gain) than older adults. But in fact, there are also many men of this group who experience weight gain problem. If you are one of them, the following are pieces of helpful information and tips to lose weight painlessly and easily.

Watch on your beverages!

As well we know, it’s important to keep hydrated since about more than 60 percent of the body consists of water. And fortunately, being hydrated also can help for weight loss.

Take a glass or some glasses of water before a meal! This can prevent you far away from very-hungry feeling. So thus, it will suppress your appetite and help you control what you eat.

Drinking plain water is the most practical option to keep hydrated. You can also get some liquids from other options such as beverages (juices, coffee, tea, etc) or even foods that you eat (particularly such as fruits).

But when it comes to losing weight, it’s also crucial to choose the appropriate beverages to help control your calories intake. For instance, if you drink beverages high in calories, this can be counterproductive for your weight loss program.

The following are some beverages high in calories you should restrict during a weight loss diet:

Soda should be your top list that must be restricted!

Did you know that soda is not recommended since it’s not only rich in calories but also poor in nutritional value and contains some bad chemicals for the body?!

A conventional serving size of soda can contain about 150 calories. See also the calories requirements of women and men from different physical activity level and age on this previous post!


Another beverage you need to carefully read the label of its calories value is cocktails. Sometime it can contain coconut or cream milk. There are some types of cocktails.

When it comes to losing weight, margaritas, white Russians, and pina coladas cocktail should be on the top list that you need to avoid because they contain higher calories than other kinds of cocktail. For instance, 1 pina colada cocktail can have more than 700 calories.

Fruit smoothies

Many times people think that fruits smoothies are great for the body. There is nothing wrong with this perception as long as you take it in moderation. But did you know that they are also pretty high in calories?

The label of ‘fruit’ of fruit smoothies is the tricky temptation to make people drink them excessively. In general, many products of fruits smoothies are high in sugars – the key of why they are pretty high in calories. A high calorie of fruit smoothie can provide 24 grams of fat and 450 calories.

Blended coffee drinks

Many times people think that blended coffee drinks are only about iced-coffee beverages. But in fact this is not often the case. In the case when a cup of coffee drink is blended with cream or labeled with ‘pre-made base’, it can contain about 25 g of fat and 650 calories.

Tips:if you don’t like only drink plain water to keep hydrated, you can consider drinking some different beverages that are low in calories such as a splash of orange juice and brew infused teas (like peach and mango). They can help expand the favors without adding more extra calories.

Don’t only focus about what you should take away!

During weight loss diet, people are more likely to focus on issues of what they can do to reduce their calories by eliminating high-calories foods from the diet. There is nothing wrong with this idea, but you should also not forget about ‘what you can add to your diet’ so thus you can lose your excessive weight with more fun.

weight_loss_in_men_illustrationStart your diet by getting the recommendation of eating about 5-9 servings of vegetables & fruits per day! It may sound like a lot, but it can be powerful to help you lose weight. It is not only helpful to make you get plenty of fiber and other essential nutrients for your body, but also can provide you the more satisfied feeling from the volume of food (another idea to expand your flavor with fewer calories).

Another advantage from this idea, you can reduce your chance of overeating since getting plenty of vegetables and fruits can help displace fat in your diet. Even some experts recommend using vegetables for the major element of your meal, ‘not only serve them as sides on your plate’!

Get moving more with fun!

Exercise can be the most challenging issue for some 20s men with obesity. But you should not worry about this issue once you know what the kind of exercise that you like.

It’s important to do your exercise with fun because it’s also not only about exercise. The exercise that you do should be regular – therefore you need to do it with fun!

Ideally, your exercise should include the combination of aerobics, strength training, and flexibility exercise to burn more calories and lose weight faster – according to Men Health. For better result and make it easier, find a friend who has the same goal!

Another idea to help you increase your physical activity with fun is with social workouts. If you know someone who can help you stick with your weight loss program in long term, this can be great for your weight loss goal.

And joining a community such as a social workout community is great idea. It can indirectly help you move more physically and find a lot of new friends. You can also consider joining a fitness class for better result. There are some structured workout programs that you can choose and meet to your body needs!

Learn the physical signs when your body is being hungry!

The hungry feeling is the way of your body to tell you that your body needs fuel.

But in fact, many times the hungry feeling in obese people often represents the fake of hunger and doesn’t represent what their body needs.

When your craving is not caused by real hunger, eating will never satisfy you and you can feel tired, not stuffed, and bloated when you are done eating. On the other hand, if it actually comes from your real hunger, you will feel better when you are done eating.

In fact, the size of your stomach (gastric) is actually only the size of your fist. So, watch on the portion and size of your meal and keep it as reasonable as possible! This idea will help you improve your ability to know when you are getting a real hunger or only a fake of hunger.

Lighten the foods that you already like!

If you can totally avoid fatty foods or other foods high in calories that you already love from the diet, it can be great to provide weight loss faster. But in fact, it is very difficult to change a habit, including for the habit of eating foods that you love.

So to help reduce calories without feeling denied, try switching with lower versions of food that you already love. For instance, if you love eating pizza, you can try with a different version pizza with reduced-fat cheese.

Expand the flavors with spicy food and foods high in protein and fiber!

Foods high in fiber are often associated with the way of helping your stomach to keep full longer throughout the day (see the more in-depth information about the role of fiber to help lose weight in this previous article)! But don’t forget with protein – it’s not only great for your muscles but it is also more satisfying than fats or carbohydrates.

According to a research conducted by the University of Illinois, a diet high in protein along with eating moderate carbs and also doing regular exercise can be very potential to help lose weight.

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