Easy Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 30

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  1. Sleep well, both in quality and quantity. If you get too much sleep deprivation, you are greater chance of gaining more pounds of weight in your middle-age. See more in-depth information about the link between weight gain and sleep deprivation on this previous article!
  2. You need to be able to cope with your stress!  Sometime stress can be inevitable, but you can manage it! See also effects of stress on the female body!
  3. If you love snacking, it might be difficult to avoid this habit. But you can choose healthy snacks! This idea is not only helpful for your weight loss program but also will be great for your entire health.
  4. Full you diet with fiber because it can help you feel fuller and longer.
  5. Keep hydrated – another simple idea to keep fuller and helpful to suppress your appetite.
  6. And so on!

Watch on the calories that you put in and never skip breakfast!


It’s undeniable that eating less is still effective to help lose weight. Many times, women think that skipping their breakfast is great idea to cut calories – but this idea is very bad, either for your entire health.

There are many studies confirmed that taking daily breakfast is great for weight control and weight loss.

You don’t need to take the same amount for all your meals. Even some studies recommend that the portion of your breakfast should be a little bit more than your lunch and dinner when it comes to losing weight. If you take your breakfast, you are more likely to have a better idea about ‘what & how much’ that you should eat in your next meals.

On the other hand, if you eat too less at breakfast or even skip your breakfast, you will have much more appetite at lunch and dinner. As a result, you tend to lose control on what you eat in the next meals.

When you get bigger portion of meal for the dinner, you then will not have much appetite in the A.M. And this cycle continues which then eventually you gain more pounds of weight.


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