The Effect of Stress on Warts!

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Some skin problems such as warts have a psychological dimension that should not be ignored or may need to be addressed, too. Warts are a condition associated with the viral infection by the human papillomavirus (HPV) family. While the best way to prevent the disease is eliminating the contact to the virus, a good stress management also should be included in the preventive and treatment plan!

The link between what you feel and the reaction on your skin!

As well we know that your skin is the largest organ of the body. It can be the first defense of the body to fight against injury, infection, or some environmental factors such as cold, heat, air pollution, and UV (ultraviolet).

image_illustration181Your skin is so important in a range of multi-complex biological mechanisms. It hosts lots of essential elements to support your body’s functions such as lots of immune system cells for fighting against invaders (like virus or bacteria), cells that have function to use & convert sun exposure to vitamin D, and blood vessels & sweat glands (essential to help control the body temperature)

The immune system cells in the skin can be influenced by the brain and nervous system through chemical messengers and receptors. Some studies are continuously going to investigate and analyze this link and other things in the skin that may be connected /influenced by psychological stress.

According to one study, patients with a good stress management in the month before taking a surgery are more likely to have higher levels of immune system chemical called IL-1, shorter recovery, and less pain after surgery [1].

Some experts believe that the permeability barrier function of the skin can be disrupted by chronic negative stress. This function is so essential since it plays a role in helping the skin to prevent the loss of liquid from skin cell layers and to fight against harmful substances. This disruption is considered the major risk factor of many skin problems.

Can stress cause or worsen warts?

If you have warts, they can be embarrassing – particularly if they appear on the most visible spots such as fingers, hands, or even face. This can increase your stress level. And when you lose control on your stress, you are more likely to scratch the affected skin, worsening the problem.

Another interesting issue, what we are feeling inside may be reflected on the skin. Though the answer for the cause of this issue is not fully understood yet, but in fact many skin conditions can get worse if followed with uncontrolled stress or other psychological problems.

Warts are warts, and it’s clear that they are caused by viral infection, as noted before.

Stress is not the cause of the problem. However, it may play a role in putting you at more vulnerable individual to have warts when you get the contact to the virus.

In fact, not all people are equal to have warts – and each time of contacting to the virus will not always cause the problem. While some people are more likely to have the problem, others are on the opposite way. It just like some people can catch and have colds more easily than others do!

In other words, other factors play a role. The following are some of them:

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