The Effect of Stress on Warts!

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  1. However, the frequency of how often you get the contact to the virus can be a significant risk factor.
  2. Age. Most cases of warts affect children and young adults /teens – and less common in adults. This may suggest that the body immune system plays a key role. As we age, the immune system tends to become stronger, making the viral infection that causes warts less active in the body.
  3. The problem is more likely to occur in people with the weakened immune conditions such as HIV /AIDS.
  4. The problem tends to occur in areas of the skin that are damaged. Therefore, children who often pick at their cuticles or bite their nails are at high risk.
  5. Stress, lack of sleep, and poor nutrition may also have an effect in increasing the risk of developing the wart when you are exposed to the virus that causes the wart.

Controlling the stress control the wart

Not everybody responds their emotional reactions through the skin, nor do all individuals react the same way to developing a skin problem.


In other words, the effect of psychological issues such as stress on the skin may vary from person to person. But many experts believe that treating both may provide the best result of improvement.

Generally, warts are considered not serious condition. They are often harmless and even in some cases they can resolve spontaneously. Unless they don’t spread /get worse /cause discomfort symptoms, they are usually not treated.

Some self-care treatments and home remedies are available. And when the problem doesn’t improve to other treatments, minor surgery is also available – though this option is rarely used to treat warts.

Whatever your choice to cope with warts, a good stress management is worth a try! It maybe not only helpful to get shorter improvement but also can be essential for your overall health.

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