Erase Skin Wrinkles from Sleeping on Side!

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If compared to other treatments for wrinkling, retinoids are probably by far the most common and proven effective treatment to choose! Also familiar called as Renova, Retin, Tretinoin, or Altreno – this topical vitamin A may effectively boost your collagen and stimulate new blood vessels in the skin.


This could be unpleasant, but well-tolerable for most people. Once the peeling stops you would see an improvement. The strength of retinoids varies. For stronger dose, you can get it with prescription. See more retinoids here!

Slather on AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids)

AHAs are derived from milk and plant sugars. These animal and plant-derived acids have been used in skin rejuvenating treatment for many years. The most popular ones, glycolic and lactic acid have ability to penetrate the skin and improve wrinkling — they probably have the most scientific data than others.

You can find lots of skincare products containing AHAs (e.g. cleanser, sunscreen, foundations, and moisturizers). But it’d better to use one as exfoliate skin solution and avoid other skin products containing AHAs to reduce the risk of skin irritation.

In general, AHAs work best at a pH of 3-4 and in a concentration of 5-8 percent. But many times it’s hard to get this information on the label. To help find out one that really works, choose anti-wrinkle product containing AHA as the main ingredient. If AHA is not listed as the first ingredient, the product is less likely to provide proper concentration.

What else?

Applying moisturizer is also a must. It doesn’t erase wrinkling, but would help make the spot less noticeable and keep your skin moist.

Antioxidants may help, too. Skin care product containing antioxidants – such as beta-carotene or vitamins A, C, and E – can help protect your skin from sun damage and may mildly reduce your sleep wrinkles.

More aggressive, advanced treatments are also available to remove wrinkling more optimally. These include:

  1. Deeper peels with stronger exfoliators (e.g. salicylic acid, TCA, and phenol) that penetrate deeper into the skin.
  2. Non-invasive procedures, laser resurfacing and ultrasound therapy (Ultherapy) for examples.
  3. Wrinkle fillers, like botox injection (this is now rarely used).

Again, sleep wrinkles are usually mild and may respond with lifestyle measures and some natural remedies. But in case if they have become advanced, consider speaking to a dermatologist for more guidance!


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