Facts of Natural Hair Loss Remedies that Work

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Hair loss or medically called as alopecia can affect the entire body. But most likely, the alopecia in the scalp attracts the attention, especially if it affects the visible spots such as hairline. And when it comes to natural remedies for hair loss, there is no magic formula that can work for all cases.

image_illustration245In fact, there are lots of types of hair loss. And each type may require different treatment approaches since the trigger /cause behind the problem is different, too. The cause of the problem can significantly affect the outcome, whether hair loss can be permanent or just temporary.

The following natural remedies may not provide the result at short time. But at least, these approaches can help improve the problem and some may work effectively to help prevent the hair loss from getting worse. Here are some summaries.

Diet may help

Like most things in many health conditions, there are also some foods that are thought can help regrow hair and reduce hair loss. The impact of nutrients that you eat for your hair takes a time.

For instance, when you have deficiencies of some essential nutrients for the health of your skin, the impact can be noticed not too long. But the same doesn’t go for hair.

Read more information about certain foods and nutrients you need to prioritize to help boost the health of your hair in here and here!

Are they any supplements that really work?

As the name suggests, supplements for hair loss are commonly suggested if you do experience specific nutrient deficiency that contributes to your hair loss problem. If you don’t have any deficiency of specific nutrient, taking supplement is just about spending your time and money.

But if you do believe that taking certain supplements may help improve the problem, see this section (this article explores facts about some supplements and therapies that are commonly used to help treat hair loss).

Some lifestyle measures may help, too

The way of how you practice hair care is another issue you need to concern. For instance, did you know that swimming in water containing chlorine is not only bad for your skin but also can cause damage to your hair?

The same goes for the use of hair-coloring products, hair dryer, or other bad practices that can provoke hair damage. For more in-depth information about some lifestyle measures that can affect the health of your hair, see this post!

How about keratin shampoo?

If your skin needs plenty of collagen, your hair needs keratin. Keratin is a protein that can be found in skin, too. It’s thought that keratin can help improve the strength of hair.

For this reason, there are now many keratin shampoos you can find easily in your local supermarkets. But does this kind of shampoo help for hair loss? See the fact in this section!

Good stress management

Stress can cause many complications, from provoking other psychological problems (such as depression) to contributing to some physiological problems. It can trigger and worsen hair loss problem, too.

Good stress management is worth a try to help treat many health conditions, including for hair loss. Fortunately, if stress is the main reason behind the problem (such as in telogen effluvium), the prognosis for the affected area to regrow back is excellent.


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