Female Thinning Hair Remedies – Know Your Options!

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Keep on good habits in styling your hairs!

Keep far away from rubber bands, perms, and dyes – they can harm your hair, especially when your hair is thinning. They can worsen the problem and put your hair at greater risk of becoming breakage.

Practice good habits of hairstyle as much as possible. Washing or brushing your hair too often also should be avoided.

Other simple ideas to cope with female thinning hair

These include:

  1. Consider cutting your hair. Having a short hair for women can be a good choice to help reduce the chance of losing hair. It also can help hide the thinner spots.
  2. Allow your wet hair dry naturally after bathing, which is much better than using a hairdryer. But if you need to use a hairdryer, set the setting of temperature as lowest as possible!
  3. A hair extension also can be one of good ideas. It can help boost your hair volume.

Another idea to help make the thinner spots less visible is by using an appropriate scalp coloring product. It minimizes the contrast between the thinner spots and other areas of the scalps that still have full hair.

Also, part your hair on the side! This can help take the focus off the crown, spot of where the thinning hair usually occurs in women.

Consult with a dermatologist for a completely evaluation. This is important to find the exact cause of the problem so you can get the most appropriate treatment plan.


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